Mo, Sally, And Curtis Put SafeGrabs To The Ultimate Test

Watch as Mo, Sally, and Curtis from Today's KOOL 105.5 test out the multi-purpose kitchen tool called SafeGrabs!

SafeGrabs are BPA free and made of 100% silicone. You can use it as a hot pad, trivet, splatter guard, jar opener, place mat, pot grabber, food cover, and hot iron mat.

SafeGrabs is safe to use in your microwave and fits perfectly on your microwave turntable, allowing you & your kiddo’s to safely grab hot dishes without burning your fingers. Its patented raised circular ridges evenly distribute heat that is absorbed by the silicone to create a barrier that prevents burns. SafeGrabs comes in 6 different colors that include both vibrant and neutral tones that are sure to compliment any home.

Click HERE for your chance to win a 2-pack of SafeGrabs!

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