Dogs Ride On Firetruck After Owner Injured In Car Crash

Dogs On Fire Truck

These two little guys had an unbelievable experience when they got to hitch a ride on a fire truck. Sadly, their owner was hospitalized following a four-vehicle collision in Sacramento, CA.

The dogs were okay in the accident, but the owner did have to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

These amazing firefighters went above and beyond taking care of the pups while their owner was being cared for. They even gave them a ride on the firetruck to the hospital to be reunited with their owner!

"A 4 car accident on West Bound B80 near N street resulted in a patient being transported to a local trauma hospital. The patients dogs caught a ride on the fire engine to be reunited with their owner after treatment. Those 2 pups would make good station mascots wouldn’t u agree?" -@SacFirePIO


Source: CBS 12, Photo: Sacramento Fire Department


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