Wife Accidentally Shares Homemade Sex Tape On Facebook

Woman In Bed

This woman traumatized her husband, son, and the entire town after she accidentally posted her homemade sex tape to Facebook!

She was missing her husband who was out of town and filmed an erotic video of herself to send to him. The naughty housewife filmed herself in bed and pressed send or so she thought. Apparently, she did not send it in messenger, but instead posted it to her timeline for all the world to see!

The video showed up in the newsfeeds of 2,000+ people and horrified many friends and family. Her 20-year old son even saw the video and had nothing else to say besides... he may not be home for a while.

This has been your daily reminder of how public Facebook actually is. Let's all be careful hitting post as you cannot take it back!

Source: DailyStar


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