Man Crashes Stolen Ambulance To Avoid The ER


An Oregon man took extreme measures to avoid going to the emergency room! He REALLY didn't want to go to the ER so he stole the ambulance he was in. Then he crashed it and ended up going to the ER anyway, this time strapped to a gurney.

Originally, bystanders had called 911 to report the man standing in the middle of a busy intersection blocking traffic and ranting to himself. Paramedics arrived on scene to take the man to the hospital for observation, but a few minutes into the drive, he was able to take control of the ambulance.

His mission was to drive the stolen vehicle anywhere besides the hospital, but sadly he crashed it moments later. Police had him sent to the hospital for a second time in new ambulance only this time tied down.

Talk about an exciting day for first responders!


Source: KPTV Oregon

Photo: Getty Images


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