Naked Florida Man Chases Cops Around Chick Fil A Parking Lot

Yes, this happened.

A Palm Coast Chick Fil A had quite the scene in their parking lot the other day. 

30-Year old, Cory Hatzel, stripped completely naked in the parking lot before chasing around 2 random strangers. The victims (yes, they're definitely victims for having to deal with this) said he was screaming "you're gay for looking at my penis" at them. 

Cory Hatzl

When cops arrived on scene, Cory then started chasing them and shouting "look at my penis, look at my ass" along with other unmentionable things. Deputies tried to get Cory to put his shorts on, but he refused and continued to scream vulgar phrases in the parking lot butt naked. 

Eventually, officers got control over Cory and he was arrested and charged with  disorderly conduct-breach of peace and resisting arrest. There is still no explanation for what caused his behavior.


Source: Daytona Beach News Journal


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