Tik Tok Adds Feature That Places A 60-Minute Time Limit for Users Under 18

Parents you're gonna love this! If you're tired of your kids giggling throughout the night with their eyes glued to their phones when they should be sleep, this new feature Tik Tok added is for you.

Tik Tok executives just announced a new update coming soon that will limit the amount of time kids under the age of 18 can use the app. So whether they like it or not, if a child is under 18 an automatic timer of 60 minutes will be placed on the account. Why are they doing this? According to KTLA, they are trying to control the amount of time kids spend on social media in order to help their mental health.

Now after the 60 minute timer runs out, users will see a code pop up that they have to enter into the app in order for them to keep using the platform. At that pop the kids will have to make an "active decision" to go above the recommended time limit.

So it's not like Tik Tok is going to kick them off. Instead it will just remind them they need to get off. Freedom of choice...I like it!

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