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Wanted Florida Man Jumps in Truck to Hide, Throws Cash at Passengers

Money stack

Photo: ATU Images / The Image Bank / Getty Images

Three people in a pickup truck while at a Florida gas station saw a stranger hop in and start throwing cash at them in an attempt to get them to shut up and play along.

That's because the man was trying to elude state troopers.

It did not work. “As the troopers began to search ... they were approached by a witness who told them that an unknown subject was inside his pickup truck, where his two young cousins were sitting."

Upon investigating, they found a 24-year-old Cape Coral man who was accused of crashing a BMW at the gas station during a high-speed pursuit.

The driver climbed out of the BMW, then “forced his way into the occupied pickup truck without consent from the owner."

Police found a "large amount of cash, totaling over $10,000"... on the floorboard.

“Additionally, a large white garbage bag full of marijuana weighing over 4 pounds, a clear vacuum-sealed bag of 100 Oxycodone pills, and a Glock firearm (were found).”

The suspect was arrested and charged with a dozen charges.

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