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Woman Pulls Pants Down in Aisle During Florida Flight: ‘I gotta go pee!’

Aircraft lavatory sign

Photo: Richard Sharrocks / Moment / Getty Images


Recently, a woman riding on a Frontier Airlines flight found herself in hot water after flashing passengers after pulling her pants down mid-flight because she couldn't wait to use the lavatories.

The woman has not been publicly identified but we know she was headed to Philadelphia from Orlando, Florida.

In the video, the woman can be heard saying, “Sorry, everybody” just before she pulled down her pants and squatted in the aisle.

The woman indicated that she needed to relieve herself after, reportedly, being told she couldn’t use the bathroom by a flight attendant.

Other passengers on the flight can be heard yelling at her in the now-viral video, with one even pointing out that there were children on the plane.

The woman replied, “I don’t give a ****. No, **** you! I gotta go pee!”

In another video, the woman was seen screaming and cursing at other passengers.

Julie Voshell Hartman, who appeared to be a passenger on the same flight from MCO () recounted the incident in a Facebook post saying: “Matthew Hartman and I had the most awful experience flying home from Florida this afternoon. A passenger was upset that she was required to sit in her assigned seat and decided to pull her pants down on the plane right in front of two children. I literally had a front row seat to the spectacle. She threatened to kill another passenger. She threatened me after I told her to sit down. I hope she was arrested and banned from flying ever again.”

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