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VIDEO: A Bride Ordered Chili's As Catering for Her Wedding To Save Money

Chili's Restaurant

Photo: Getty Images

A bride has gone viral on TikTok after she revealed she was serving Chili's at her wedding, as a unique cost-efficient option.

Madison Mulkey posted a video explaining why she chose the restaurant chain Chili's as her wedding food.

The TikToker explained that the main attraction was the low cost, a total of $1,950 for 99 guests.

Her menu included chicken tenders, sliders, cajun chicken pasta, and salad.

According to wedding planning website The Knot, the average price for traditional wedding catering can come out to $75 a guest, which for Mulkey, would have totaled nearly $7,500.

Madison said there were unexpected complications, however, because they didn't want to pay an additional $300 for the delivery fee, and because they held their wedding on St. Patrick's Day weekend, so the restaurant was slammed. Because of this, she revealed that they had to pick up the food early (11 AM) and keep it chilled before the reception at 6 PM.

In a normal scenario, Chili's workers would deliver and set the food up, but Mulkey said, since they picked the food up directly from the restaurant, her hired servers and wedding coordinator did a lot of the food prep.

Madison has received both criticism and praise from social media viewers, but the official Chili's Grill & Bar TikTok account left a comment calling the video "iconic," so I assume they approve of the move.

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