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Velveeta is Now Selling Cheese-Filled Chocolates

processed cheese

Photo: Getty Images

If you're a lover of both chocolate and gooey cheese, maybe this new mash-up is right up your alley, because Velveeta is now selling cheese-filled chocolate.

Velveeta has partnered with a gourmet candy company called Compartés for the new product, which is now available online while supplies last.

The limited-release treat is called Velveeta Chocolate "TruffVels".

Each chocolate is shaped like a piece of Velveeta Shells & Cheese pasta, but they do not come cheap... one box of five costs $25.

Each "TruffVels" is filled with the same cheese sauce that comes in boxes of their mac-and-cheese. The shells are made from white chocolate and they used food coloring to make them yellow.

Someone tried already, and according to their review, they're more cheesy than chocolatey, and the filling really is, "Velveeta in all its glory."

They are now available at

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