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LAWSUIT: Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless Wings Not "Actually De-Boned Wings"

crispy fried boneless wings with Nashville hot flavor

Photo: Getty Images

Is this another money-grab attempt or does this guy have a valid point? A Chicago man is suing Buffalo Wild Wings, claiming the restaurant chain has been falsely advertising its boneless wings.

A class-action lawsuit that was filed last week, says that Aimen Halim of Chicago purchased boneless wings from a Buffalo Wild Wings location in Mount Prospect, Illinois, back in January, according to documents.

Halim alleges that he believed that he would be getting "actually deboned wings", but instead, he described the food more like chicken nuggets.

According to his attorney, "Had Mr. Halim known that the products are not chicken wings, he would not have purchased them, or would have paid significantly less for them," Ruhandy Glezakos said, "as a result, Mr. Halim suffered a financial injury" due to the restaurant's "false and deceptive conduct."

Buffalo Wild Wings' website describes the boneless wings as "juicy all-white chicken" but doesn't elaborate on whether or not they are deboned from their wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings seemed to take it all in stride, making light of the lawsuit in a tweet Monday (see below).

The lawsuit seeks a jury trial.

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