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WATCH: Hugh Grant Called Out for Being ‘Rude’ to Ashley Graham at Oscars

95th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage

Photo: Getty Images

After Sunday night's (3/12/23) Oscars, Hugh Grant is being called an “a–hole” after viewers said the actor was being “rude” to ABC interviewer Ashley Graham during the red carpet.

During the interview, Graham asked Grant a series of seemingly standard questions.

She asked what he was excited about at the awards show or who he was rooting for to win, to which he said, “No one in particular.”

When Ashley asked him about his tuxedo, he said he didn't know who his tailor was.

On social media, viewers commented criticizing his answers and his attitude toward his interviewer.

One Twitter user commented, “Ashley Graham was so sweet and professional with Hugh Grant on the interview… and he’s just a d*ck 😣😒”

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