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You Could Be Worth $1,010 on the Dark Web

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If you're anything like me, you probably get emails and notifications all day long saying your password has been breached and companies are getting hacked so often it's nearly impossible to keep up these days.

But if hackers or corrupt data mining firms got their hands on your info, what would you be worth to them?

Recently, a cybersecurity firm called Privacy Affairs studied what your personal info sells for on the dark alleys of the world wide web.

Here is the info:

1. Your Gmail being hacked is worth $65.

2. A hacked Facebook account is $45.

3. Your hacked Uber rider account will be about $15, however, a hacked driver account is worth $35.

4. PayPal account details with a minimum $1,000 balance will be worth $20.

5. Your credit card details and information associated with your account will be between $17 and $120.

6. But for your entire online identity, including your bank logins and PINs, you'll be worth $1,010 on the dark web.

For the full rundown associated with the costs of your information, visit

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