Kodak Black Was NOT Having Sex During Florida Panthers Game We Have Proof

First thing I need to mention is an obvious one and that is the Florida Panthers are an absolute wagon this year and continue to dominate every team they face. They really should be getting more love because of it after smacking around Vancouver last night 5-2. The Panthers are so good Kodak Black is attending games.

Not only did Kodak show some love to the Panthers last night but a lot of people thought he was showing some serious love to his female companion. Yes people thought Kodak was getting it in and stories of him having sex during the game have been everywhere.

However, not here and not on my watch. In fairness looking at the video below you could make the assumption he was having sex. Just have a look and we shall continue.

Like I said in fairness that does look like they're doing the dead. Looks as we know can be deceiving. When you see it from another angle you see this lovely lady is just twerking on Kodak. So case dismissed Kodak Black was just enjoying the Panthers dominate with a little intermission dance session.

Photo: Canva Pro Getty Images

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