Stormy Start To SunFest

SunFest Night 1

SunFest Night 1

The good news: SunFest kicks off tonight!

The bad news: The weather forecast!

So, it's supposed to rain cats and dogs tonight, but you want to head out to SunFest and enjoy OneRepublic, Flogging Molly or any of the other six acts performing tonight.

If you were wondering, event organizers say umbrellas are welcome, though you may be asked to lower it in concert areas in case you are blocking someone's view of the stage. 

SunFest says some performances may be delayed, postponed or canceled due to "inclement weather," but one would doubt a simple rain storm would be enough for an outright cancellation. 

Here is the exact wording on the FAQ page for the question: "What Happens if it rains at SunFest?"

SunFest goes on rain or shine. If the weather forecast calls for rain, please bring rain gear and umbrellas (please note patrons may be asked to lower umbrellas in concert areas to allow all guests access to stage viewing). SunFest does not refund or exchange tickets due to inclement weather. Some performances, including the Fireworks Show, might be delayed, postponed or canceled due to inclement weather.

Source: SunFest, CBS 12

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