3 Women At A Sears Act Like Human Garbage!

Warning: White Trash And Language 

Sees an ad at the bus stop ONE TIME, claims she has a lawyer. What a nice wholesome family we have here am I right? "But Carmine is it fair to judge people off one video?" First off, 100%. Secondly, if you belittle someone for how much money they make an hour you're trash. Best part is I guarantee they have some form of income provided by the government. Social Security, Disability or something of the sorts. It's always reassuring seeing people behave this way in public and in front of their kids, sets a great example. Can someone explain why the most unqualified people both financially and mentally have the most amount of kids? Low-key perfect when teen mom threatens the girl with the camera after blabbing about suing. I'm no judge or lawyer but once you smack that phone or person holding it there goes your case. Wonder if they're still going to sue? I mean, technically this video isn't on YouTube (at the time of writing) so?...

Wait, found their lawyer!

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