Original "Iron Man" Suit Stolen From Prop House, Valued at $325,000

Robert Downey Jr's original Iron Man suit from the 2008 film has been reported as stolen from it's home in the Movie Prop Storage in Pacoima, LA. Although, this doesn't appear to be a burglary that immediately happened... The employees at the prop house allege the suit could have gone missing between February of this year up to April. 

My first question would be how do you not realize a valuable suit like Iron Man's went missing for 3 months. My second thought on the matter is have they checked with the workers of the prop house. It seems to me like those who didn't report it missing until now may also be the ones who have it.... What do you think about this mystery? Maybe we can solve it together!

The suit is valued at $325,000. Police officials have not said whether there is a reward out for finding it. They are still investigating how it was accessed and stolen. Iron Man, we hope you return home soon. 


Source: IndieWire


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