Meet Nina

Nina - Mack in the Morning

Hello peeps, I'm Nina from the Mack in the Mornings show!  

I was born in Venezuela, but my family moved to Coral Springs, Florida when I was 9 years old.  That seems like ages ago, I am now 32 years old, married, with two beautiful girls ages three and almost one.  So far we think we are done with kids, but ya never know.

I LOVE TV.... not really reality TV, I enjoy scripted shows a lot more.  Some of my faves are Younger, This is Us, and Modern Family.

Of course, I love music, who doesn't?!  And believe it or not, I love it all, with the exception of hard rock. HAHA, but I did try, once in my life.

Now a lot of you will make fun of me, but I can watch any type of movie except anything sci-fi or ANYTHING having to do with Star Wars/Trek.  I've never watched any of those movies & there's nothing in me that wants to.

And when it comes to food, hit me with it all except sushi!  I know I know, everyone gets on me about this as well and yes I've tried it.  With the whole sushi thing, I definitely think it has to do with the texture of raw fish.  I just can't!  It's also very much mental.  So yes I'll eat fish, but it has to be fried so I don't smell the fishiness.

I'm a pain in the butt, right?  I feel bad for my husband!


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