John Mayer Doing Smokey Eye Shadow Tutorials And I'm Here For It!

John Mayer is a legend on levels few people have every reached or can even fathom. Incredible singer/songwriter one the greatest guitar players and is master of the bedroom arts. I'm talking sex people. He's dated the likes of...

  1. Jennifer Love Hewitt ( Also rumored inspiration behind "Your Body Is a Wonderland") 
  2. Jessica Simpson 
  3. Minka Kelly 
  4. Jennifer Aniston  
  5. Taylor Swift 
  6. Katy Perry (She still talks about how he was her best bedroom wrestling partner) 

That's about as impressive a list as I've come across, dude just has "IT". Now he's out here doing makeup tutorials! . And one thing I know is most women eat those things up. They'll watch other women paint their faces for hours on end and spend 100's of dollars on makeup to try and mimic those looks. Plus women love to put makeup on their boyfriends or husbands and I'm speaking from experience. My highlights have been on fleek and contour on point. My cheek bones were popping and damn was I turning heads. John is going to have every guy in America putting on makeup and going for that smokey eye shadow look.  So strap in folks and it's time for me to head to Sephora! 

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