The Top 10 Strangest Fetishes

Prepare to have your mind blown as you explore some of the weirdest fetishes!


#10 Melissaphilia

When nothing gets you aroused like bees and wasps


#9 Psychrophilia 

Someone who is totally aroused by the cold or watching others freeze


#8 Nasolingus

Yep, some people get aroused by sucking on a person’s nose.


#7 Psellismophilia

If you stutter there's someone out there who completely digs your stutter


#6 Katoptronophilia

If you ever see a mirror over the bead, chance are that person is all about having sex in front of mirrors


#5 Formicophilia

Yikes! This one is pretty creepy. Could you be with a person who is turned on by insects?


#4 Climacophilia

Fall down those stairs baby! Yep, it's true people get aroused to falling down stairs


#3 Lithophilia

When all they want to do is roll around in stone and gravel


#2 Coprophilia

Oh no, say it ain't so! Yes, there are people who get turned on by  feces


#1 Autoplushophilia

Guess this a real thing! When you're turned on by dressing up as a giant cartoon like stuffed animal



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