8 Myths About Guys, Explained By Guys!

Men hide their emotions, think about sex all the time and suck at platonic relationships--- or so women think. PopSugar asked men to debunk the most common myths about, well, men. Check 'em out:

Myth 1: Men aren't emotional. Men are human. Humans are emotional. Men are emotional.

Myth 2: Men are all about sex. It's not the only thing on their mind.

Myth 3: Men don't like when women earn more than them. Men recognize women can be breadwinners, too, and it's totally cool with them.

Myth 4: Women are more insecure about sex than men. Everyone experiences sexual awkwardness, men included.

Myth 5: A man is only turned on when he has an erection. All kinds of things can affect a dude's erection; it might not be you.

Myth 6: If he doesn't finish, he doesn't find you attractive. See Myth 5.

Myth 7: Men watch porn because they're sexually unfulfilled in relationships. Men watch porn to help them masturbate. It could have nothing to do with their partner.

Myth 8: Men can't be friends with women. Tell that to all the men and women who are just friends.

Source: PopSugar; Photo: Getty Images

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