The Best Way To Ask A Guy Out

Some of my friends, who happen to be girls, are always asking the best way to ask a guy out?
(Like my producer AJ who is ALWAYS asking for advice on this!!!!!!! She'll deny it all day!)
So don't be shy.... give it a try! Or do you want to be single forever????

By the way... all of these ideas ROCK! I'm telling you... GUARANTEED TO WORK!

1. Write him a cute poem. Your creativity could win him over.

2. Get a little physical. Strategically touch his arm or place your hand on his back.

3. Be clear. Come up with a plan of what you could do together and propose that.

4. Do it in person. Ask him when you see him next instead of over text.

5. Just ask. What's the worst that could happen?

Source: Reddit; Photo: Getty Images

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