Pet of the Week - Trixie (ADOPTED)

Breed - Hound/Mix 

Age - 9 months

Gender - Female 

Trixie is the girl for you!  Not only kid and dog-friendly, she's an outgoing spunky pup who's looking for an active home to call her own!  There's no denying that she'll bring joy to your home, and as long as you've got enough unconditional love to share you'll be perfect.  Trixie loves life and can get super excited at times -- a little sternness in your voice and she'll show her submissive side with an exposed belly for rubs.  She's still working on her potty-training while free in the home, but is very obedient with her crate training and will wait patiently for a treat once inside.  This girl LOVES her toys, but make sure they are sturdy because she'll shred fluffy items in no time flat.

WiLD 95.5 Pet of the Week

WiLD 95.5 Pet of the Week

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