Top 5 Drinking Rules For SunFest 2019

Who's ready to party this SunFest weekend?

For those of us of the legal drinking age, SunFest is a time to cut loose and get drunk amongst friends, but there's nothing worse than getting too drunk too soon. How can you enjoy the headlining acts that night if you're passed out by early afternoon?

Here's our Top 5 Rules For Drinking at Sunfest! 

1. Say No To Straight Liquor

Liquor is twice as strong as the strongest wines out there, and about five times stronger than even the typical stronger beer. Say no to straight liquor. You'll thank us later! 

2. Count Your Cocktails

As amazing as mixed drinks are, you won't realize how drunk you are until your 3 or so in. Count your cocktails and well, all your drinks! and pace yourself!

3. Make Like A Vampire

Find adequate shade throughout the day. Sunlight will be your worst enemy as it is to a vampire and will dehydrate you twice as fast if you're drinking. 

4. Use the Buddy System

Nothing worse than being drunk and alone. Stick with a friend if you're drinking. That way, if anything does happen, you'll have backup!

5. Stay Nourished and Hydrated

Water will keep you hydrated. Food will absorb the alcohol. Make sure to consume plenty of both throughout the day!

Overall, we want SunFest to be a safe and fun experience for all of our listeners! Remember to drink responsibly at the event and never drink and drive. 

Source: Vinepair

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