Bigfoot Photographed In West Virginia

A couple in West Virginia claim to have had a close encounter with a Bigfoot that was lurking in their backyard. According to a recent local media report in which they shared their story publicly for the first time, Bill and Sheena Humphrey's remarkable experience occurred back in October of last year. It began when Bill set up a deer hunting blind on their property in the remote community of Danese and soon noticed that food that he'd left out to attract the creatures had gone missing rather quickly on consecutive nights.

"Whatever it was, it was eating everything," he recalled, "and I was determined to find out what was going on." As such, Bill decided to spend the night in the deer blind in the hopes of catching a glimpse of whatever had been feasting in the forest near his home. As his proverbial stakeout unfolded, the would-be deer hunter inexplicably grew increasingly uneasy and even texted Sheena to say "something is eerie up here. There ain't nothing moving."

His intuition seemingly proved correct, Bill said, when a sizeable creature made its way toward the blind. Although he could not see the animal at first, he suspected that it was a rather massive bear, since the interloper passed in front of a light that was mounted nine feet above the ground. His curiosity piqued, Bill returned to the spot over the next two evenings and, on that third night, brought Sheena along with him to keep watch.



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