NASA Wants To Pay You $19,000 To Stay In Bed For 2 Months



If your dream is to stay in bed all day and getting up for work doesn't seem to be getting any easier than NASA may have the employment opportunity for you! NASA is hiring 24 participants to stay in bed for 60 days. Those hired will be taking part in the study from September to December of this year and will be paid $19,000!

The company is researching how bodies change in weightlessness and bed rest stimulates this condition. The study also wants to prove that you can accomplish many tasks right from bed including learning, working online, watching TV, and interacting with people.

Lucky candidates will be flown to the German Aerospace Center to be monitored throughout the trial. The opportunity does come with a few catches though.

First of all, only females are allowed to participate, sorry fellas, but we're sure your wifey will share some of her paycheck with you.

The ideal candidates are healthy women ages 24 to 55. The women must be nonsmokers and between 5ft-6ft tall and have a body mass index of 19 to 30.

For the 60 days, you will be doing everything while lying in bed. Eating, showering, and going to the bathroom will all be done from bed. You cannot get up or lift your head during the entire study. Still sound easy enough?

Well then, click here to apply. We hope you enjoy sleeping!

Source: Forbes

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