Woman Says She Is Going To Marry A Ghost

Amethyst Realm is a psychic who has booked her wedding date for next summer. However, the spirits at the wedding will not only be the alcohol kind. In fact, the groom is a spirit himself. 

Yes, you heard that right, the 30-year old bride-to-be is marrying a ghost!

She said she met her ghost lover in Australia and was so upset to leave him, but something amazing happened and he followed her onto the plane. They have since had a healthy relationship and on a weekend away while touring a cave, he spoke to her and popped the question. 

“I could actually hear his voice and it was beautiful. Deep, sexy and real.” -Amethyst Realm

In the video, we hear Amethyst touch more on her relationship with her spirit lover. She says the two are in the process of choosing a ring and that he's very picky about what she should get. She also shares that having sex with a phantom is "more satisfying" and explains that she joined the mile high club while on that flight back from Australia. 

For more on this very strange love affair, head to The Sun.

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