South Carolina Ghost Makes An Appearance Before Major Hurricanes

As Florence creeps up on the Carolina's as a major hurricane, there is some good news for residents of South Carolina... if they believe in ghosts. 

According to a legend more than 200 years old, the "Gray Man" ghost will make an appearance when a massive hurricane is on its way. However, if you're "lucky" enough to see the "Gray Man", your home and property will be spared. 



The ghost was first spotted on Pawleys Island in 1822. The legend tells the story of a young man who was heading over to the island after returning from sea. He was on his way to ask for his loves' hand in marriage, but sadly a major storm prevented this from happening forever. He was thrown from his horse and perished in quicksand. 

After the man passed, he reappeared as a ghost to his love and warned her to leave the island in preparation of another storm. The girl convinced her family to leave and when they returned, they found destruction everywhere! Except for their house which was spared from the storm. 

The "Gray Man" has said to be seen dozens of times over the last two centuries, but always before a storm. He usually appears to one or two people at a time, is always wearing gray, and doesn't usually talk just uses hand signals to warn residents to leave. 

The original sighting of the "Gray Man" was on the beaches of the island and he has appeared multiple times near the water, however, it is not always on the sand. In 1954, a newlywed couple reported receiving a knock on their hotel room door. A man in gray was on the other side and warned them of a large and deadly storm on its way and that they needed to leave quickly. Then the man vanished before their eyes! The couple left the island and shortly after, Hurricane Hazel made landfall killing many and destroying homes. 

Of all the devastation that hurricanes have caused on the Carolina's coat, one fact remains true. Those who see the "Gray Man" have property that is always spared. The "Gray Man" truly has a hand in saving the lives and belongings of those he warns. 

So there you have it. Tell your friends and loved ones in South Carolina that they need to be on the lookout for the "Gray Man". Anyone up for some ghost hunting?

For more information on the "Gray Man", head to The Paranormal Guide.

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