Colorado Police Get Creepy 911 Call From Funeral Home

A police department in Colorado recently had a rather spooky incident similar to something you might hear while sitting around the campfire.

Last weekend, an emergency dispatcher in the city of Pueblo received a 911 call from a funeral home around 3:30 AM.  Things quickly took an eerie turn when the call disconnected after the dispatcher answered it. 

The dispatcher called the funeral home back and someone (or something) answered the phone!  However, there was only silence on the other end of the phone. 

Police officers were dispatched to the location to investigate the situation and they found the building locked up tight and all the lights were off. 

The next day, the funeral home employees did not contact the police about any break-ins or anything missing, which left the department scratching their heads. 

Officer Tom Rummel tweeted "probably just line trouble, right?  Sure, let's go with that!" 

While that could be the case, considering that the call came during the infamous 'witching hour,' one can't help but wonder if it may have been from a spirit who had just 'woken up' inside the funeral home and didn't know why.

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