Man Abducted By Aliens 45 Years Ago Finally Shares His Chilling Story

Calvin Parker had a surreal experience back on October 11th, 1973. It took 45 years for him to feel comfortable sharing his story, but he finally has chosen to talk about the chilling moment he had while fishing oh so long ago. 

Calvin Parker and his friend Charles went fishing on the Pasgacoula River after work one night in 1973. Around 6:00 pm, while still out on the river, Calvin noticed a blue light reflecting off of the water. His initial thoughts were the lights were coming from Law Enforcement telling them they needed to get off the water. The story gets stranger when Calvin and Charles realize it is coming from a craft they had never seen before. 

"A big light came out of the clouds, it was a blinding light. It was hard to tell with the lights so bright, but it looked like it was shaped like a football. I would say, just estimating, (it was) about 80-foot. (It made) very little sound."

Calvin then said three legless creatures emerged from the craft. One had no neck with gray wrinkled skin, one appeared more feminine, and one had hands like crab claws. Then Calvin said they injected them with something to calm them down and took them on board for examination. Afterward, the creatures floated the two back down to the bank of the river and left.  

After the incident, Charles went to authorities to share the story. The two passed sobriety tests, polygraph tests, and voice stress tests. Calvin quickly tried to distance himself from the whole situation.. until now. 

45 years later, Calvin changed his perspective and is releasing the book "PASCAGOULA-THE CLOSEST ENCOUNTER: MY STORY". Calvin hopes the book will answer a lot of questions about the incident and what really occurred. If you're buying this story at all, you can read more about it here and buy the book available now on Amazon!

Source: USA Today

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