Ghost Caught Riding Tricycle On Video


Paranormal investigators visited a notoriously haunted house in Illinois and witness a tricycle being moved by an unseen force.

The footage was captured at the historic Ashmore Estates, which was built in 1916.  It once served as both a poor house and mental asylum.  The building has become a hotspot for paranormal activity and has sparked the interest of researchers searching for spirits. 

Ghost hunter, Lee Kirkwood, recently investigated the house along with his team and managed to capture something truly eerie on camera.

In the footage above, Kirkwood and his team are standing around a tricycle which had been brought into the room as a potential 'trigger' for the spirit of a little girl said to reside at the estate. 

Kirkwood points his flashlight at the bike and it shocked to see it roll ever-so-slightly as if someone or something had pushed it. 

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