Uber Driver Caught Peeing In Bottle While Driving

WARNING: Some Explicit Language

An Uber driver was caught on video peeing into a bottle while driving a passenger to her destination on Monday night.   

The passenger, Raichelle Carter, was alone in the car when she caught the driver trying to sprinkle into the bottle. 

“I had my headphones in and was just trying to chill and unwind, and then I notice that we stopped moving.  Then I see him unbuckling his pants and hear urine hit the bottle,” Carter said.

“I was raised with males.  But when I’m sitting there in a car with him in a minivan that he operates the doors to, I’m a sitting duck wondering what’s happening to me.”

Eventually, Carter confronted the driver.  He complained about being in the car for an hour and a half and couldn't hold it any longer.

Carter says there is no excuse for peeing in a bottle with a passenger in the car.

Carter says she will no longer use Uber unless they can guarantee that this behavior won't happen again.  

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