Florida Man Heads To Bar After Being Attacked By Shark


What would you do after being attacked by a shark? Normally, one would rush to this hospital, but not for this professional surfer! 23-Year Old, Frank O'Rourke was surfing in Jacksonville Beach this past weekend when a shark jumped out of the water and bit his arm!

What O'Rourke does next is the rather shocking part! According to news sources, O'Rourke swam back to shore where lifeguards treated the bite marks on his arm. He declined to be hospitalized and instead hit up the bar for drinks.

His friend tells us, "He immediately went to a bar 'cause he was like, 'I got bit by a shark' and people were like "I'll buy you drinks. So he went and hung out at the pier".

O'Rourke did say he will be taking a few weeks off from surfing to heal, but plans to get right back in the water as soon as possible. He's not going to let a shark attack keep him from doing what he loves!

The shark apparently had a grip of his arm for 30 seconds before releasing him.

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