Apparently Having Fresh Flowers In Your Home Can Reduce Pain Levels

You probably know that I LIVE for fresh flowers. I love getting some at my local farmer's market every week and having them in my house. Plus it's just such a modern woman move to buy yourself flowers, I seriously encourage everyone to do it! But, this news I just heard is giving me even more love for my weekly fresh flowers!

According to The American Society For Horticulture Science fresh flowers have some positive effects on our health! The study they performed revealed that those exposed to flowers had lower blood pressure and heart rate, lower ratings of pain, anxiety and fatigue. They also had more positive feelings!

The study was to see if plants had therapeutic influences on surgical patients. Ninety patients were split into rooms with plants or without. Obviously those WITH had shockingly different results.

There was another study by Complementary Therapies in Medicine that revealed bouquets of flowers make us feel less stressed out. This conclusion was made after they gave college students a vase of roses for their dorm. Those with the flowers felt relaxed and stress-free!

Okay, so if you're not buying yourself flowers every week you're seriously missing out. It's your modern woman moment and truly benefitting your health. Here. For. IT!

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