Less Cigarettes, But More Condoms Found In Beach Cleanup

Beach Cleanup

Beach Cleanup

Why is it so hard for Americans to keep their land clean? Seriously though, we all live in Florida, we've all been to the beach and for most of us, we pick up our trash when we're done! Especially if that trash includes cigarette butts and condoms.

This beach cleanup did not take place in Florida, but rather in New Jersey. Volunteers that participated in this most recent beach cleanup say they found everything INCLUDING A KITCHEN SINK left on the sand.

The beach clean up brought in bottles, shopping bags, straws, diapers, cigarette butts, and yes condoms. Interestingly enough, the volunteers said the number of cigarette butts found on their beach was down from last year. While the number of used condoms was up!

Volunteers (who were thankfully wearing gloves) picked up 565 condoms! This was 56% more than in 2017! Seriously that's just gross, GROSS!

Other bizarre items found on this beach include:

  • a shoe with a bottle of hot sauce inside
  • sex toys
  • pom poms
  • a bag of lemons
  • lumps of coal
  • a loaf of bread
  • an air conditioner
  • and yes, that kitchen sink!

We'll leave it up to your imaginations to find out what was going on in New Jersey last year!.

Source: Edmonton Sun

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