Brunchables Are Coming Soon

This just in! Brunchables are coming soon: a new twist on the classic lunchable! Brunchables are basically kits that allow you to make your own breakfast sandwich!

In the package, you get Oscar Mayer fully-cooked breakfast meat, Kraft Cheddar cheese slices, and flatbreads.

As of right now, we've seen brunchables in bacon & cheese variety and breakfast sausage and cheese. You also get a blueberry muffin included in the pack!

Personally, I'm all for this even as an adult! I don't have time for breakfast as is so this I can grab and go! Those of you with kids, do you think they will like the new twist to their favorite food?

#Brunchables will be available in stores within the month of April. I'm excited to check this out!

Source: The Takeout

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