Woman Sues After Boyfriend Butt Dials Her While Cheating

A Nashville woman is suing her boyfriend of 4 years after she caught him cheating and was diagnosed with an incurable STD! She said her boyfriend, Gregory Cole, accidentally butt dialed her while he was having sex with another man. The phone call lasted 1 hour and 28 minutes, the whole time in which the guys were getting it on.

The woman said over the 4 years her and her boyfriend were together she never imagined he would be gay! She said she believed they had a monogamous relationship, that was until this phone call.

Once Gregory realized what he had done, he refused to speak with her about it. She was then tested where she learned she was diagnosed with genital herpes, an incurable disease.

She is now suing Gregory for $1,000,000 for infliction of emotional distress, negligence, and fraud.

You go girl! Can you imagine spending 4 years with a guy and then finding out he's gay from a string of events like this?

Source: Scoop Nashville

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