New Hot Sauce Mimics A Spider Bite

Calling all you daredevils who like your food hot and spicy!

We have the next "hot" thing for you to taste. This new venomous hot sauce is so crippling it's supposed to mimic a spider bite. In fact, it is said to cause burning and muscle spasms just like one would experience if injected with tarantula venom.

The sauce uses a synthetic poison that is almost identical to the poison a Trinidad Chevron tarantula would inject. According to the founder of the sauce, "It's as best as we can manage without actually tasting the venom". YUM!

Steve's Scientific Venom Chili Sauce is available for purchase online now. Plus, you can find recipes to use the hot sauce in to shock your dinner guests.

Scared yet? Not to worry, you'll be okay, I think. Dare somebody to try this hot sauce right now!

*PSA: No tarantulas were harmed in the making of this sauce*

Source: BroBible

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