Woman Uses T-Shirt Cannon To Shoot Drugs Into Prison

Kerri Jo Hickman

This woman from Oolagah, Oklahoma was just released from prison in January and is now headed back behind bars after she showed up to the prison with a gun... a t-shirt gun! which she used to shoot contraband over the wall to her fellow inmates.

Kerri Jo Hickman was spotted firing a t-shirt cannon full of drugs and other contraband into the prison. Authorities say they found cell phones, ear buds, chargers, meth, digital scales, pot, and tobacco all flying inside.

Hickman is now back behind in prison after trying to help her friends. We can't fault her for that, but maybe making friends outside of prison who didn't do drugs would have been the better option.

"#ICYMI - Eagle-eyed COs at NFCC in Sayre saw Kerri Hickman using a T-shirt cannon Sunday to launch contraband over the medium-security prison's fence. Novel approach - bad idea. She's facing more felony charges. Thanks to @OHPDPS for helping us catch her. http://ow.ly/WvHO30o3DWr"


Source: News On 6, Oklahoma DOC

Photo: Beckham County Jail


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