Japan Opens First Convenience Store Bar

So fun fact - Convenience stores in Japan are already wayyy better than they are here. Over there, you can pay bills, ship packages, get really delicious food that won't make you sick like our gas station hot dogs, and now you can even enjoy a bar inside them.

Japan just opened its first ever convenience store with a bar inside. Imagine, you are on your way home after a long day at work and the wifey asks you to stop for milk or a loaf of bread or diapers for the screaming baby. Well, now when you stop at the store to pick this up, you can treat yourself to an iced cold beer before heading home to the screaming baby.... (On second thought, maybe this is not a good idea).

Seriously though, the eat in corner bar in the convenience store is super convenient. What do you think about this? Should we bring them to America?

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