Krispy Kreme Has New Nutella Stuffed Donut

Krispy Kreme

As if Krispy Kreme didn't already have the best donuts known to man, they just upped their game a little bit more.

Krispy Kreme's latest donut features a surprise inside and that surprise is NUTELLA!

The Nutella-stuffed donuts look and sound absolutely amazing and are sure to give your kids that kind of sugar high you NEVER want them to have. (So maybe when you pick up a box, keep them all for yourself);

The photo of the new donut was shared to Krispy Kreme's Dominican Republic Facebook page and sadly, for now that is the only place they're available.

We have reason to believe fans are going to riot and they'll be here in the states soon enough! Because who doesn't love Nutella and Donuts.


Source: Delish


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