Man Gives Up Food In Favor Of Beer For Lent

Most of the time for Lent, people give up things like chocolate or fast food or alcohol.

For Ohio man, Del Hall, however, he has given up the most extreme thing we can think of this year! He is giving up food for Lent and plans to only survive off of beer for the next month and a half.

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Hall will only drink beer! He said he is nervous about the challenge as he has only managed to fast for four days at most in the past.

He is calling it liquid bread and although many people think he is crazy, he wants to prove them wrong and show that it is possible to live this way.

Hall says he is up for the challenge and will be watching his health and checking in with physicians throughout the next 46 days.

Could you ever give up food? I definitely couldn't!

Source: News 4

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