NYC Sex Shop Sued Over Sewage Leak From Condom Buildup

NYC Sex Shop

A New York City resident is suing a local sex shop after claiming her home could no longer be lived in due to a sewage leak.

Susan Haar is blaming the Sexy Boutique sex shop claiming the leak is caused by a build up of condoms, diapers, and rubber gloves at their location. Security footage has given her reason to believe the backup starts inside the sex shop. Although Sexy Boutique is not responding to her allegations, Haar and her attorney were able to file a restraining order that stops individuals from being able to use the bathroom inside Sexy Boutique.

Seriously, though how gross is this! Haar says that the sewage leaks flood her basement and rise up to a height of 6 feet. Having all the cabinets, floors, and walls covered in waste definitely leaves her with a stinky situation!

For more on this story and to watch the video, click here.

Source: NBC New York



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