Emoji License Plates Launched In Australia


You've all seen those personalized license plates with a persons name or phrase, etc. As if this wasn't enough to express yourself, pretty soon you can add an emoji to your license plate.

Queensland, Australia launched these new license plates complete with a custom emoji! Of course, it does cost extra to have a cute face on your plate and it is limited to only a few positive phases right now. (Sorry, no middle finger or poop emojis).

The license plates run around $340 US dollars and drivers can pick between laughing out loud, winky face, cool sunglasses, heart eyes, or standard smiley face.


Just an FYI, the emojis are strictly there for decoration and are not part of your tag identification number.

What do you think about these plates? If you could choose any emoji to have on your tag, which one would it be?



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