Marlboro To Stop Making Cigarettes

You heard that right! The largest tobacco company in the world plans to phase out their cigarettes. Philip Morris International, the parent company behind Marlboro, has vowed to phase out cigarettes and move to smoke-free products instead. 

The company would like to move into producing more electronic devices which heat the tobacco rather than burn it. Research shows that this lowers the levels of more than 15 noxious chemicals found in cigarettes. 

The company also is looking to move away from cigs as the number of smokers continues to decline. Now less than 15% of the population are smokers compared to 21% a decade ago. 

There is no word on when Philip Morris intends on getting rid of all cigarettes, but just know it is in the works. For this full story, head to Sky News

What do you think? Are you for or against this?

Source: Sky News

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