Pho Keene Great: New Hampshire Restaurant Told To Remove Offensive Sign


A New Vietnamese restaurant in New Hampshire is getting a lot of praise and a lot of backlash for their name! The restaurant owner, Isabelle Jolie, thought the name of her restaurant was perfect! It celebrated not only Vietnam's most popular dish, but also was a catchy play on words for the town it's located in of Keene, New Hampshire. 

Jolie decided to call the restaurant Pho Keene Great which we think is a great name, but according to the city manager, the restaurant name is profane and needs to be changed. 

Jolie and a lot of the residents think it is perfectly acceptable and should not be changed. 

Either way, the restaurant is getting a lot of publicity and will definitely be ready for it's grand opening on March 1st. 


 Source: Newsweek, Photo: Instagram (@phokeenegreat)


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