You Can Buy $600 Elf Sneakers This Season

Elf Shoes

Fashionable or nah? 

This Christmas Season you can look just like one of Santa's Helpers with these brand new Elf Trainers from LOEWE. These will definitely take that ugly sweater party to a new level if you ask our opinion. 

However, you have to have a pretty penny to purchase these. The trainers are selling for anywhere between $536-$599 online. The sneakers come in a variety of styles and colors including high tops. However, you can trust that all of them will have a curly elf-like point of the front. 

Personally, we think this outrageous, but you know if you work in the Christmas business full time, then they might be worth the investment. 

You can purchase the shoes HERE.


Source: Lad Bible, Photo: Getty Images


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