How To Tell If You Have Dead Butt Syndrome

It may not sound like a real problem, but believe us, "Dead Butt Syndrome" is the real deal and you may just have it! Dead Butt Syndrome occurs when someone sits for prolonged periods of time and their butt literally goes numb. The medical term for it is "gluteal amnesia" and it happens when your butt gets inflamed and forgets to function normally. 

“If you imagine making a panini sandwich where you take high pressure and high temperature and make a grilled cheese, sitting on your glutes all day is a little like this" -Kelly Starrett (Physical Therapist)

So how do you tell if you have it? Well if you sit for extended periods of time at work, you definitely put yourself at risk for this! But doctors say if you feel your glutes aren't firing correctly and have extensive lower back, knee, and ankle pain; you may have "dead butt syndrome". 

Besides just standing up periodically throughout the day, you can also try these exercises to make sure your butt doesn't forget how to do its job! 

  • Wide stance jump squat
  • Side steps with bands
  • Side lunge
  • Kettlebell squat
  • Lateral step up

For more on 'Dead Butt Syndrome' and what you need to know, head to HuffPost.

Source: Huffington Post

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