Student Carries His Books In Microwave After School Bans Backpacks

A UK boy fought the power in a big way after his school implemented a ridiculous ban on backpacks. Now we understand the need to be cautious with so many tragic school shootings and threats being made, but that was not this schools reason behind changing it. The school banned backpacks because the older kids bags were too big and were hitting smaller students in the halls. 

Yes, that's really why the rule was implemented! For one 17-year old student, he questioned the rule and peacefully protested the ban on backpacks by doing the unthinkable! He brought in a microwave to carry his books through the halls in!

The student was suspended for 2 days after administration got wind of what he was doing. However, since then he has gone viral across the web with many people singing his praises for voicing his opinion. 

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