Are Millennials Killing American Cheese?

Are Millennials killing American Cheese? Well, they've already killed department stores, bar soap, and domestic beer. Might as well add cheese to that list!

According to a new study, American Cheese is melting away. This comes with Millennials pressuring fast food joints to replace the old orange square with something fancier. For example, Wendy's now offers Asiago, Panera Bread replaced their grilled cheese with a four-cheese combo of fontina, cheddar, monteau, and smoked gouda. Plus, there's McDonald's who is on this all natural kick and now sells a version of the Big Mac with cheese that contains no artificial preservatives. 

However, with all the changes to be organic, those who are used to the original Kraft are fighting back! According to them, "real cheese" doesn't melt the same way a Kraft single does and will continue to keep them in their homes. What do you think about American Cheese? Is it going away just yet? 

For more on this, head to Bloomberg

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